Godfatherism and Nigeria's 2023 General Elections: The Case of Delta State

  • Paul Oshagwu Opone Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria
  • Dennis Otuyada Ikuni University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


This paper focuses on the issue of godfatherism and its impact on the 2023 general elections, with a particular emphasis on Delta State, Nigeria. It raises questions about certain facets of Nigeria's democratic governance that have not been adequately examined, raising questions about the nation's unique problems. The February 2023 general elections in Nigeria were not without flaws as usual, and many issues militating against the consolidation of democratic rule in Delta state since 1999 are ubiquitous. The study considers the role of the godfather in facilitating or stunting democratic growth in Nigeria in general and Delta State in particular. Usurping the place of the masses through their manipulative tendencies of selecting candidates instead of free, fair, and credible elections or the abuse of the rule of law are common in the polity. The historical method of description and analysis was adopted, underpinned by Marx Weber's theory of power, to interpret the work further. The study interrogated both primary and secondary sources related to it. Primary sources, such as oral interviews and newspapers, and secondary sources, such as books, news magazines, and online publications, were consulted. The study revealed that godfathers are gatekeepers in the polity, and their functions are overbearing to the masses. The study also identified that because the masses are not allowed to vote or their votes no longer count, Godfathers select leaders who are not representative of the people and are not accountable to them. The findings further indicate that forcing the godfather out of politics may be dangerous, considering their power and position in the government. It, therefore, concludes making laws that will accommodate them might be a better alternative.

Keywords: Godfatherism, Impact, 2023 elections, Delta State, Nigeria.

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