Diagnostic Analysis of Physicochemical Properties of Soil in Ago-Iwoye Farm Settlement

  • M. Adejumoke Hashimi Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria.


Knowledge of soil nutrients is a basis requirement for fertilizer application to achieve high yield in food production. A situation where soil has low fertility, fertilizers are applied to supply nutrients needed for crop growth. However, some seeds respond to fertilizers than others, while some crops need greater amount of fertilizers, other seeds need less, therefore when a blanket application of the major fertilizer elements is applied, seeds give inadequate positive response. This study therefore, focuses on the status of soil nutrients in Ago-Iwoye farm settlement. The soil samples were taken randomly across the farmland and marked in the 0-15cm layer as top soil and 16-30 cm layer as sub-soil as shown in Table 1 and Figure 1. The soil samples collected were taken to the laboratory of Moor plantation, Ibadan, where the soil particles, composition and other characteristics and pH level are analyzed. The results of soil chemical analysis are presented in Table 2. The findings show that the textural compositions of the soils are sandy, clay and silt. In the surface layer of 0-15cm the proportions of % sand is 70.00, the % clay is 9.36 and % silt is 20.64. While the proportions sub-soil layer of 16-30cm are % sand is 72.2, % clay is 9.56 and % silt is 18.34. The results show further that soil organic matter, total nitrogen, exchangeable calcium, magnesium, potassium, soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) in the 0-15cm and 16-30cm layers are differed in the percentage of properties. It is evident from the results of the soil analysis that the representative area is not fertile enough to produce high yield therefore, fertilizer is required to be added to the soil to improve the soil nutrients for production of high yield.

Keywords: Diagnostic analysis, physicochemical properties, Fertilizers, Ago-Iwoye, Farm Settlement.

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