Strategies for Teaching Slow learners in an Inclusive Setup.

  • Juliana Rotkanggmwa Bodang University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Philip Ether Lengkat University of Jos, Nigeria.


Every classroom contains students with varied backgrounds, interests, attitudes, and learning styles. Some of these students carry to the classroom not just textbooks and other learning tools but also a lot of personal and learning problems. These basic differences in learners often cause variations in their academic achievements and classroom behavior. Hence, there would be always some students in every class who struggle to keep pace with the rest of the class. In most situations, such slow learners are not given enough support by their teachers. How can teachers accommodate all students with different backgrounds and interests in their classroom and help them thrive and grow, academically and personally? How can they deepen their knowledge and expand the professional practice to enrich the learning experience for all students? How can they address the needs and tackle the learning difficulties of slow learners? The learning and behavioral problems of slow learners should be handled on two levels, intellectually and emotionally. In other words, teachers must deal with them using their brains and hearts. With proper methods, techniques and strategies slow learners can be motivated to produce good work and develop a positive attitude towards classroom behavior and learning.

Keywords: Inclusive  setup, Slow learners,Teaching and strategies

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