Effects of Sawmill Machine Noise on Hearing Levels and English Language Performance of Students in Technical Colleges, Plateau State, Nigeria

  • Callista Onwuadiebere Umeh University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Christopher M. Vandeh University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Isaiah S. Elemukan University of Jos, Nigeria.


This study examined the effects of sawmill machine noise on hearing levels and English language performance of students in technical colleges, Plateau State, Nigeria. This study was true experimental in nature. Specifically, pre-test-post-test control group with randomization design type was adopted. The population of the study comprised of all National Technical College students in Plateau State who have spent three years learning Woodwork in three schools identified. The researcher purposefully chose one of the schools, Government Technical College Bukuru which has 8 students as the target sample for the study. These students were randomly assigned to experimental and control group. The instruments used were Diagnostic Audiometer Machine (DAM) and Teacher Made English Language Performance Test (TMELPT). The validity of the two instruments were obtained. DAM reliability index was 0.905 and TMELPT had a reliability index of 0.865. The researcher adopted both descriptive and inferential statistics in analyzing the data generated in the course of the study. Graph was used to connote differences in audiogram result computation of Pure Tone Average (PTA) for research questions one and two and research questions three and four were answered using Mean and Standard Deviation. In testing the hypotheses, descriptive statistics (Mean and Standard Deviation) was used for hypothesis one. Inferential statistics T-test for independent samples was used to analyze hypotheses two at 0.5. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.0 software was utilized for hypotheses two. The findings showed that sawmill machine noise effected the hearing levels of students and can hamper their performance in English language. Again it showed that usage of ear protective measures in the form of Foam Ear Plug can improve the hearing of students which can lead to improvement in their English language performance. Based on these findings, the researcher recommended that hearing conservation programmes should be introduced in technical colleges. Technical College students learning woodwork and other related subjects should be provided Foam Ear Plug in their workshops as a means of hearing conversation.

Keywords: Sawmill machine noise, Foam Ear plug, English language performance.

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