Counselling Strategies for Modifying Bullying Behaviour in Nigerian Schools

  • Mary O. Esere University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
  • Mulikat L. Mustapha University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


Bullying is an aggressive behaviour that is very rampant at both primary and secondary levels of Nigerian educational system regardless of the size and type of the schools. It is a worrisome practice in schools and it deserves special attention. Bullying is a form of deviant behaviour that is usually ignored by many teachers, counsellors and school administrators due to its salient but adverse effect. Recently, there has been a growing concern for the increasing level of students’ unrest, violence, sexual victimization and cultism in Nigerian schools, all of which are extensions of bullying behaviour which makes it necessary to examine the counselling strategies for modifying it. This paper therefore identified the various strategies that can be used in reducing bullying in schools, while suggesting the comprehensive whole school approach. There is the need for school counsellors to acquire skills in using the various strategies as well as sensitising the principals, teachers, parents and students to the phenomenon of bullying so that they can take roles in bullying prevention as specified in the whole school approach. The paper also made suggestions on how counsellors can seek collaborations among various stakeholders and meet with them in planning and implementing the various strategies related to their roles.

Keywords: Bullying, Bullies, Bully Victims, Counselling Strategies, Nigeria, Schools

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