Age as Predictor of Sex Role Identity

  • Funmi Mowaiye - Fagbemi University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


Sex role identity is an important aspect of an individual’s orientation. Globally, traditional sex role identity is in a state of flux and more and more individuals are said to be embracing flexibility as regards sex roles. This being so, an overlooked area is the influence of age as regards this flexibility. Individuals change with more information, knowledge and experiences which come with age. The present study was therefore put in place to find out if age does have any relation to sex role identity and to find out if individuals grow to be more flexible as regards sex role orientation as they grow older .

Subjects were middle age women undergoing programs in selected Nigerian universities. The Sex Role Orientation Instrument (Mowaiye, 1997) was used to identify the subject’s sex role identity while subjects were required to indicate their age on a bio – data form. The result was subjected to analysis using the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and it  indicated a significant difference for SRO and age   for groups studied.

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