A Critique of the Sophists’ and Socrates’ Positions on Teaching

  • Joseph Olusola Adeleye College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.


One can justifiably with little or no problem say that in Western civilization, there are two lines of teachers from whom modern teaching originates: These are the Greek philosophers and the Hebrew prophets.  Outside the Jewish community, the influence of the Greeks is far wider, stronger and more varied with the exception of the teaching of Jesus Himself. The Sophists claimed to possess all knowledge and questioned the foundations of most things that were previously taken for granted. While Socrates being a simple man believed that nobody on earth is intelligently empty, the ideas, according to Socrates are in every individual that these only required to be brought to consciousness in individual by the competent teachers.  It is on this note that this paper examines the positions of the Sophists and Socrates on teaching.  In this paper, we are not concerned with what is taught, but with how teaching should be done and finally make a critique of their positions on teaching.

Keywords: Critique, The Sophists, Socrates and Teaching.

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