Functionalist Analysis of the Ideality and Necessity of Structural Violence in Human Society

  • Charles C. Akpuh Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria


Structural violence, in the form of restriction to peoples’ rights and freedoms, have been a subject of controversy, with very many (if not most) of its discourses aligned to social ills.  But in reality, structural violence is not always harmful, except for its lopsided perception and application by the ruling elite of the society.  Rather, it has a lot of utilitarian applications for the development, stability, and sustenance of the society and its populace.  Thus, there is need to create room for a sort of re-orientation on the subject.  In order to contribute to proper understanding of the concept and its application as a double edged sword, this paper sought to highlight the ideality and necessity of structural violence to the proper functioning of human society to ensure sustainable development, stability, and sustainability of the society and its populace, using both primary and secondary sources.  By means of some forms of rational and deductive interpretation of the collated information from the sources used, it was discovered that structural violence is ideal and necessary for the normal operation and development of people and their society, as long as they are meant for collective good; that structural violence is inevitable in human society; that it is ideal and necessary for regulating human behaviour to avoid chaos and to ensure security of lives and property; and that structural violence, however, yields the best results when collectively decided and adopted for implementation in the society.  The paper, therefore, concluded that since structural violence is of great importance to proper functioning of human society, it should not be ignored; rather, its acceptable forms, which are positively oppressive (that is, functioning to limit but just for collective good), must not and cannot be done away with.

Keywords: Development, Ideality of Structural Violence, Necessity of Structural Violence, Structural Violence, Violence

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