Effects of Poverty on ‘Yan Kalare’ Thuggery in Gombe Local Government Area, Gombe State (2007-2015)

  • Yakubu Haruna Ja'e Kaduna State University, Nigeria
  • Bilkisu Lukman Kaduna State University, Nigeria


This study is on the effects of poverty on Yan kalare thuggery in Gombe local government area, Gombe state (2007-2015). Since the return to democratic rule in 1999, elections in Gombe Local Government Area have been characterized by the criminal activities of Yan Kalare thugs. Poverty is argued to play a significant role in fostering the menace of Yan Kalare because most of the thugs that are used by politicians often come from poor family background.The study adopted Relative deprivation theory which explains a possible and potential cause of deviances in the society, when an individual’s means do not correlate with their goals which often lead to the extreme situation of violence such as rioting, terrorism, thuggery and many other crimes in the society. The study made use of both primary and secondary types of data. Questionnaires were administered in the field and text books, journals, newspapers, as well as online materials were also consulted. The findings of the research revealed that poverty has indeed promoted the menace of political thuggery, which has negatively affected electoral outcomes in Gombe Local government area. The study therefore recommends that existing policies that were meant to help eradicate poverty and the menace of Yan Kalare by reducing the level of poverty in Gombe Local Government Area should be strengthened in order to meet the desired target. Strict punishments should also be placed upon politicians and thugs who harbour or take part in the activities of Yan Kalare in Gombe Local Government Area. In addition, the government should sponsor willing youths to obtain their education, especially because most of them are either illiterates or school dropouts.

Keywords: Poverty,‘Yan Kalare, Politics, Political Thuggery.

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