An Exploration of Health Care Delivery in Rural Areas of South Western Nigeria

  • Sola Aluko - Arowolo Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria.


There is a link between environment/eco-system and healthcare delivery in every society. The link often reveals difference between urban and rural areas healthcare provision, patronage, patterns and utilization of available health care resources.  The nexus accentuates where one lives and the process of healthcare consumption available to individual or group of individuals. This pattern of inequality has brought about an unmitigated disparity and untold misery to the rural dwellers in all ramifications including health matters. Health infrastructure to be sure is understood in both qualitative and quantitative terms to mean the quality of care and accessibility to health care delivery within a country. It is judged by the quality of physical, technological and human resources available at a given period. It is therefore suggested that Transformation Approach and Improvement Approach may  be adopted to bring  rural and urban areas at par : Transformation Approach  puts emphasis on the development of socio-economic factors available in order to experience a sustained growth and marked increase in the level of inputs that is complementary to labour and work done in the rural areas to increase income and financial independence.  Whilst, Improvement approach emphasizes the continuity of existing social institutions and arrangement. To this approach, improvement upon all the existing institutions should be gradual and progressive. Emphasis is therefore placed on proper type of education to acquire skills.  Education would also serve a veritable avenue to remove ignorance, increase level of income etc. All these put together form the structure upon which the healthcare delivery is anchored in any society and the determinants of its infrastructure and the extent of patronage. Therefore, for quality rural health, all these are to be in place with adequate budget allocation.

 Keywords: Rural Health, healthcare delivery, infrastructure, Access, aetiology

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