Incubator Based Activities and Technology Entrepreneurship Growth in North Western Nigeria

  • Muhammad Salahudeen Mansur Kampala International University, Uganda.
  • Isaac Abuga Kampala International University, Uganda.


Business Basics, Technology Transfer, Mentoring and Technology Commercialization are a segment of the mandate given to Technology Incubation Centers by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Board for Technology Incubation (NBTI) in order to assist technology startups to overcome the challenges of newness. This paper attempted to empirically assess the contributions of these activities, which are incubator based, to Technology Entrepreneurship Growth in North Western Nigeria. Positivist epistemology with objective ontology together with interpretive epistemology with subjective ontology was employed. The study used cross-sectional, descriptive and correlational designs, employing quantitative and qualitative approaches.  The data were collected using non standardized instruments (Questionnaires and Interview Guide), with items on Technology Incubator Based Activities and Technology Entrepreneurship Growth, with a sample size of 86. The instruments were tested for their validity and reliability. The data were analyzed at univariate, bivariate and multivariate levels using frequency, percentages, mean, correlation and regression. The results showed that incubator based activities correlates and contribute to growth at 5% level of significance with P<0.007 and R2 =0.162 implying that the variable explains 16.2% of the variation growth.  The study found out that total absence of succession planning and exit strategy, apathy towards partnership were some of the major causes of technology incubated enterprises failure in North Western Nigeria.  Incubation centers should therefore enrich their curriculum to include modules on succession planning and exit strategies.  Incubatees should also be exposed to the benefits of partnership and be encouraged to partner.

Keywords:      Technology Incubation, Incubator, Incubatees, Technology Entrepreneurship Growth.

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