CALL FOR PAPERS (KIU Journal of Humanities, Vol. 9 No. 1, March 2024)


KIU Journal of Humanities (ISSN: 2415-0843), an interdisciplinary quarterly journal published by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Kampala International University, invites scholarly contributions to its next edition due to be published in March, 2024.

The central focus of KIU Journal of Humanities is to provide a platform for the presentation, review and publication of research results and scholarly papers in the Humanities with a view to finding a common platform for addressing contemporary challenges in a fast changing world.


Authors of well researched articles are to submit soft copies of their papers to:


KIU Journal of Humanities,

 College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kampala International University,

P.O. Box 20000, Kampala, Uganda.


All articles submitted to the Journal must be original and should in no way violate any existing copyright and publication ethics relating to libel and others.

The deadline for submission is 24th February, 2024.


Articles, written in English language, which normally may not exceed 20 pages together with references, should be typed in double-spacing on one side of A4-size paper with minimum of standard 1.5 inch margin with referencing done in APA style. The title page of the paper should indicate full names and address (i.e institutional affiliation, if any) of the author(s). It should be accompanied with an abstract not exceeding 250 words and maximum of ten (10) keywords for indexing purposes.

The acceptable word processing packages are Microsoft and Word Perfect, (please indicate whichever), Time Romans font with size 12. Authors should be consistent on the writing style (British or America) adopted.


References which should be arranged in alphabetical order and typed in single line spacing at the end of the paper and should contain full bibliographical details. Where citations include works of multiple authors, the full name of most senior author and addition of et al will suffice. If however, authors are not more than two, the full names of the authors should be provided – (surname and initials will suffice in all cases). Works done by the same author should be listed in the chronological order of publication.


Once accepted, the articles can only be submitted to another journal or published in any other form with the consent of the Editor-in-Chief. Copyright of an article published in the journal belongs to the journal, which reserves the right to publish it in a form of language of its choice. Authors should provide the necessary permission for the publication of any copyright material they wish to include in their articles.

Papers accepted for publication are subjected to the thorough test of peer-review mechanism. The Editorial Board reserves the right to determine which articles may be accepted for publication and only the authors whose paper are adjudged publishable may be communicated as necessary.